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Fully Funded University of Chicago Scholarships for World Wide Students 2022 / 2023 Updated, Apply NOW

Founded in the year 1890 by the American baptist education Society, the University of Chicago is a private research university located at Chicago, Illinois.

It holds top positions in various national and international rankings.

The university is made up of  undergraduate colleges as well as various graduate programs and interdisciplinary committees categorized into five academic research divisions.

In its bid to assist students, some financial aid programs and scholarships have been instituted.

The University institution  has set aside $35 million for international financial aid, and it has strengthened the institutions  commitment to enrolling a diverse and talented student body from around the world.

The financial aid awards are based on an estimate of the full costs of enrolling at the university institution, including tuition, housing, health insurance, a meal plan, and estimates for additional costs like books and personal expenses.

Brief Elucidation:

University or Organization: University of Chicago, USA

Funding: Fully funded

Host Country: USA

Institution(s): University of Chicago, USA

Eligible Nationality: All International Students

Degree Level: Undergraduate/Postgraduate studies


The Merit Scholarships for International Students

To acknowledge applicants for their outstanding academic and extracurricular achievement, demonstrated leadership, and commitment to their communities, the university  institution proffers merit scholarships to international applicants.

Merit scholarships are partial-tuition scholarships that may be a single lump-sum award, or a renewable annual award. Merit scholarships are considered independently of an applicant’s financial situation, so if a potential applicant thinks he or she may require financial assistance to fund his or her college education, the applicant must submit an application for need-based financial aid. The vast majority of financial aid at UChicago is given out in the form of need-based aid, and applicants should not rely on merit scholarships to fund their college education.

All first-year applicants are automatically considered for merit scholarships; no additional application is required. Scholarship winners will receive notification of their awards on a rolling basis through the end of April.



International students are eligible for financial aid only if they apply for funding during the admissions process, and will not be eligible for financial aid after receiving their admissions decision or during their four years in the College. If you think you will need financial aid at any point during your four years at UChicago, you should apply for financial aid when you apply for admission.



1.The International Financial Aid Worksheet, available in the UChicago Account

2. Supporting Documentation


The International Financial Aid Worksheet

The International Student Financial Aid Worksheet should be filled out and submitted online, through a student’s UChicago Account. Please note that this is the only form available for non-US citizens and non-US permanent residents applying for financial aid at UChicago.


Supporting Documentation:

You will be asked to upload additional documentation that verifies your family’s income and asset information — tax forms, a statement from an employer, a bank statement, or another form of documentation.

Once the International Financial Aid Worksheet has been submitted, students can also submit these supporting documents, as well as any explanation for unusual circumstances, online through their UChicago Account. Under the Upload Materials section, choose the “Foreign Aid Application Supporting Docs” option from the drop-down menu.


A. The University of Chicago Promise Scholarship:

The University of Chicago Promise proffers  exclusive  scholarship for students from the Chicago district and also encompasses resources to guide Chicago high students to designated  four-year institutions, including an Admissions Academy and extensive programming.

Merit awards are determined by committee on the basis of the application for admission without consideration of financial need. Most of University of Chicago’s financial aid is awarded on the basis of need, so all students who may require financial support in their education are encouraged to apply for need-based aid.


B. The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Educators Award:

The University of Chicago offers up to full-tuition scholarships to designated children of active Chicago public school full-time teachers and school-based non-leadership staff, this is In honor of their service to the community and the city.

To be considered for the scholarship, prospective candidates must complete applications to the University of Chicago and be offspring (including legally adopted children) of Chicago public school teachers or school staff who will remain employed within Chicago public school for the duration of their children’s college careers. Any student whose parent loses employment at Chicago public school through no fault of their own will be eligible to retain their scholarship. Each winner is guaranteed the scholarship for four years of undergraduate studies (12 academic quarters) at University of Chicago provided he or she makes satisfactory academic progress.

C. The Chicago Public Schools  Scholarship:

The University of Chicago awards up to full-tuition, four-year scholarships to select graduates of Chicago Public Schools who are admitted to the College of the University of Chicago. Awards are made to outstanding students who show the greatest potential for making contributions to the academic, extracurricular, and community life of the College. Chicago public school student applicants will automatically be considered and need not submit any additional information beyond the required application materials.

D. The University Chicago Partner Schools Scholarship:

The University of Chicago awards up to full-tuition, four-year scholarships to designated graduates of designated partner high schools in the city of Chicago.

The scholarship awards will be tendered to most outstanding student who demonstrates outstanding potentials towards contributions to academic and community life of the College. Prospective Student applicants will automatically be considered . Current partner schools include the University of Chicago Charter School Woodlawn Campus, Kenwood Academy High School,Nicholas Senn High School and  Providence St. Mel School.


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