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The Google Summer Internship / Internship Careers at Google Year 2022

Google LLC was founded in the year 1998, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, with its headquarter situated in mountain view, California, United States.

Google LLC has grown to become one of the world’s most valuable brands due to its market authority, information collection, and technological superiority in the area of artificial intelligence.

Google LLC are well acknowledged all over the world for its highly pioneering technological innovations aimed at ameliorating humanity’s biggest obstacles.

Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students are eligible for Google Paid internship in any field.

Google Summer Internship 2022 is an international paid internship.

At Google Summer Internship 2022, resident and international students can apply and attain their academic pursuit with the aid of its professionals and resources at the company.

In its bid to assist students, some financial aid programs have been instituted, one of which is the Google Summer Internship 2022 for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD students international students.

Google interns work around the world.

Brief Elucidation:

A. Company: Google

B. Financial Coverage: Paid Internship

C. Internship location: Global

D. Degree Level: Undergraduate, Graduate & PhD

E. Internship Duration: 12 to 14 weeks

F. Deadline: None


A. Visa Guidance

B. Travel Support

C. Meals

D. Monthly Stipend

Google Internships

Internships positions open in business, engineering and technology, e.t.c.

With internships positions open across the globe, Google offers many opportunities to grow with them, creating products and services used by billions  all around the world.

Google invites you to come help  build for everyone through the Google Summer Internship 2022.

Internship Program Time Scale:

Most Google Internships are usually 12-14 weeks long. Start and end times can vary by role.

Visa requirements for Google internship:

Visa requirements differ across our internships.

The job description will usually provide insight into whether a visa is required.

Eligible application Credentials:

A. A resume with visible graduation date {month and year}

B. Graduate/ Undergraduate transcripts {in lieu of transcripts, a course list will suffice}



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