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United Nations University Scholarships 2020/2021 Updated

The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization with its headquarters in New York City,  It is an intergovernmental organization responsible for maintaining international peace and developing friendly relations among nations, achieving international cooperation, and being a center for harmonizing the actions of nations.

United Nations scholarships are offered to international students, by United Nations for study or research purposes. These are also called as financial aid and many times the financial aid office of the United Nations deals with it. The UNU’s Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS) offers an MSc degree program and a PhD degree program to produce scholars who will become key researchers in the field of sustainability science. The Japan Foundation offers the UNU Scholarship for outstanding applicants from developing countries who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

Masters Scholarships

The Master of Science in Sustainability programme is a two-year programme, which provides students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to contribute to solving challenges of sustainability. Drawing on an innovative, interdisciplinary approach, the programme integrates methods and resources from the natural and social sciences, as well as the humanities.


The programme is intended for recent graduates, professionals and practitioners who seek to meaningfully contribute to the work of governments, civil society, the private sector, and/or the UN and other international organizations in the area of sustainability.


The programme starts in September, and by July of the second year students must complete the course requirements, obtaining at least 30 credits. Students can select courses from those offered by UNU-IAS, while also enjoying the opportunity to take courses at other leading universities in Japan such as the University of Tokyo, Sophia University, International Christian University, and Yokohama National University.

Masters Degree Scholarships provided through Japan Foundation for UNU (JFUNU)

The JFUNU scholarship provides a monthly allowance of 120,000 JPY for living expenses for a maximum of 24 months. However, travel costs to and from Japan, visa handling fees, and health/accident insurance costs must be covered by the student. The tuition fees are fully waived for the scholarship recipients.
*The amount of monthly allowance has been changed to 120,000 JPY effective.


    1. Applicants must be persons from developing countries* who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance
    2. Applicants who are currently living in Japan under a working visa are NOT eligible for the scholarship
  1. Applicants who want to pursue a second master’s degree at UNU-IAS are not eligible for the scholarship.

PhD Scholarship

The PhD programme in Sustainability Science is a three-year programme that aims to produce scholars who will become key researchers in the field of sustainability science. The programme takes an innovative approach to sustainability, seeking to promote a better understanding of the issues by incorporating global change perspectives, specifically those related to climate change and biodiversity.


The scholarship programme begins in September, and by July of their third year students are expected to complete all of the course requirements, obtaining at least 14 credits. Students can select courses from those offered by UNU-IAS, while also enjoying the opportunity to take courses at other leading universities in Japan such as the University of Tokyo, Sophia University, and International Christian University.



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  1. Master in public health
    Master in public health nutrition
    Master in public health policy and planning
    Master public health promotion
    Master in M&E
    Master in epidemiology and Biostatistics
    Master in public health behaviour change

    • IAM Ojay Owar Ochong IAM Ethiopian I completed by msc in environmental science and technology .I need to do my PhD in. Climate change

    • I have first degree in Accounting and Business Management I need scholarship .

      • My name is Negesso kediro I have bachelor of pharmacy from Ethiopia and working st peter hospital in Addis Ababa as pharmacist now I need to learn master in phsrmacy in USA
        Thank you

      • I interested i’m Nigussie Areri live in Ethiopia and i want to apply in PhD and i have MBA

    • Charles-Odell D. Quaye

      I need scholarship to study Master in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

      • I need full scholarship for PhD in health promotion and education . Am ex – prisoner from Uganda who completed my studies o level and a level . Am ophan with no any parent but my dream to become the first ex prisoner proffessor

      • Bonna Bosco Felix

        Iam Bonna Bosco Felix
        Intrested in Degree in Business Administration- Generic

    • My Name Is Ayele Alachew Gendela. From Ethiopia I need learned your schorarship Ihave First Degree Geography And Environmental Studies.my Feeling Is GIS(Geographical Informetion System)

    • Hello, My name is Anthony Kolubah from Liberia. I’m a graduate from Cuttington University. I hold a master in Business Administration in Economics. I have an interest to obtain second master in Economics if will be granted with such opportunity.

    • Biniyam Tsedeke Haile

      My name is Biniyam Tsedeke im from Ethiopia and i have first degree and i wan continue Masters degree by microbiology

    • Abdikarim Yousuf Adam

      My name Abdikarim Yousuf adam my from somalia specially somaliland government I have first degree medical laboratory technology I wan continue master program puplic health and nutrition.

    • Bsc in nursing with 3 & half year experiance. I need to get a chance of global scholars and feeling with learn and share expreriance with a different worldwide students finly contributing ma efforts for the coming generation by other public health fields.

    • Mandlenkosi Zondo

      I am from Zimbabwe .
      Interested in Doing Master in M & E.
      Have a BEng hons in Industrial & Man Engineering (NUST)
      Also have a Post graduate diploma in Project mgt (PMZ)

  2. I need scholarship i have first degree in water resources and irrigation engineering

    • I am graduated Accounting finance by degree program

    • Betelhem Alemayhu

      Hello there my name is Betelhem Alemayhu I am from Ethiopia, i was studying law at adigrat university in tigray region ,I was 4th year student with 3.74 GP but current issue with the federal government and the tigray region I could finish what I stared ….it been 1 year since the university closed and now it announced us to go back but the region still was stable as it was before there is several violations such as Genocide, rape ,so it is impossible to me to continue what I started….so I need scholarship please with my respect.

    • My name Abdikarim Yousuf adam my from somalia specially somaliland government I have first degree medical laboratory technology I wan continue master puplic health nutrition.

  3. Bersabeh Abebe Wossenu

    Is it allowed to apply for a degree?

  4. Michael Biphal Thot

    I would like to pursue a master degree in sustainable development.
    I’m from South Sudan in eastern Africa a developing nation and member of United nation .
    It willbbe a pleasure to participate in capacity development approach through innovative thinking for sustainable development

    • I would like to join PhD in sustainable development and economic growth ..I have masterd degree in development evonomics and i am eorkind in UN system

  5. Hi I am Charles from Uganda and I am so much interested in furthering my study under your scholarship programme

  6. Yayeh Kassa Woldehana

    I is good opportunity for developing countries capacity building.

    • I am graduated Accounting finance by degree program so I would like to get full fund scholarships I am from Ethiopia.

    • Mathews Musenge

      I would like to study for Masters in education I possess a degree in Mathematics and Biology

  7. I would really like to get a scholarship from the United Nation University scholarship basing on my qualifications of which i have a School Certificate, Bacholer’s degree in Philosophy and Diploma in Religious Studies. I will be really happy to be part and parcel of the shortlisted scholarship. I would like to do or to have Masters in Education.

  8. Thanks

  9. Omar abdullahi farah

    I hope iam the one who needed mostly master degree iam from somalia

  10. Am here by humbly applying for the bachelor of sales and marketing

  11. I like this Scholarship

    • I am a registered nurse by profession and currently working as a registered nurse in the Gambia. Looking for a scholarship to study reproductive health.

  12. am interested and i don’t know how to apply

  13. Mohamed Ibrahim Jama

    Dear sirs I very interesting to participate this golden chance

    • Jack Abednego Toe, II

      Hello to all, I’m Jack Abednego Toe, II…
      I have completed a Diploma Program in Professional Nursing from the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts(TNIMA) and want to advance for BSN in Nursing….

  14. I would like to add on my academic credentials so as to attain expertise in logistics services and procurement procedures needed to develop Developing nations. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Procurement and logistics management second class upper division.
    Could you please assist me with a fully funded scholarship.

  15. I am Jerry Yarsiah, a Liberian living in Liberia with distinct interest in acquiring quality tertiary education which I do believe will arm me to being of help in the mitigation of sociatal and global challenges.
    Currently, I am a senior student of the University of Liberia, majoring in AGRICULTURE with emphasis in AGRICULTURAL ECONOMIC. At the university of Liberia, I on numerous occasions, find it difficult to go about my academic activities due to weak financial standings.
    passionately, I want to admit that when accepted, I will diligently strive to merit your confidence.
    I can be reached on the followings:
    Cell#: 0778648089/0555716982
    Email: jerryyarsiah6@gmail.com

  16. Morning, I am a Mozambican, living in Maputo. I do appreciate your offers and would like to improve my studies in order to continue helping my country and my fellow citizens. I woud a Master Degree i Political Science and African Studies and I woud like to be provided a scholarship for Doutoral ou Phd degree.

  17. my name is belay tucho am from Ethiopia, I have Bsc degree by civil engineering . know I wont to study MSC by construction engineering management.

  18. I wont to study my MSC by construction management

  19. I am currently looking for a scholarship for PhD student, so as I got this site please consider me as one of your next sponsoring student

  20. I’m Sergio Agostinho from Mozambique, I would like do to MSc in Finance Management.

  21. My name is Mehret Tensae. I am 22 years old. I am from Ethiopia. I am a graduate student in Accounting and Finance from Addis Ababa University School of Commerce. I really need to continue my masters degree program in order to make my future better and help my family. I really appreciate if you are willing to give me this opportunity. Thank you in advance.

  22. This is very nice opportunity as we people from developing countries can apply.
    God bless you.
    From Makete-Njombe Tanzania

  23. Bachelor’s

  24. my name is axmad
    l live somalia

  25. I am a recent graduate from the University of Liberia and I want to earn my masters degree in Japan. I studied secondary education and public administration mior. What is the way forward?

  26. Habtamu Girma Teferi

    First of all, thank you for your information. But how I get the address that I want to study for my Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering by giving a fully-funded scholarship in your university please give me the chance at this new year. please help me if it is possible. I have a 3.72 CPGA in Transportation Engineering(MSc.).

  27. I wish to be offorded this opportunity to study a masters program that will help me bring some innovations necessary for the empowerment of communities back home

  28. Sa'ed mohamed mohamud

    I am student bachelar degree my contry somalia
    I need canada

  29. I would like to pursue Masters in Sports Administration. I’m I legible?

  30. Promise Nkwachi Ubani

    I PROMISE NKWACHI UBANI.I studied Biochemistry,i graduated with second class lower from University of Maiduguri,Borno state. Nigeria

  31. I want to apply accounting and finance Bsc


    to study PHD degree

  33. lam intersted to start my Bachelor at those country.ig you give the chance please inform by this address daadirsaysay11@gmail.com

    I am somalia

  34. Msc environmental health

  35. No comment


    Can over age people be accepted? Especially from 36 years old upward. I’m 36 and I have the courage to obtain a BSC at this age and onwards.

    Is there any scholarship for overage people like us who has the courage to pursue further education?

    I still want to develop my mind in any positive direction interns of education or vocational training abroad. My country Liberia is extremely difficult for people like us.

  37. I really appreciate so much, because I have heard from friends how the scholarship has benefited all who applied for it, kindly I am also requesting the same but I don’t know whether I will be able to qualify.

  38. I have interest to study in ur honestly university

  39. Kassim ali ibrahim

    I have master in audit financial acconting aind l need to continu my phd

  40. I need to upgrade my proffesion and also update my knowledge so i am very happy to join these chance so please invit me

  41. Am a primary teacher but I what to study

  42. Greetings all,
    I am a medical doctor with experience over 10 years. I’m currently working in Zambia.
    Given an opportunity, I would like to do a masters in public health

  43. Victorino Paulo Alberto Jequecene

    I’m to know about this information and I’m ready for

  44. Wegayehu Tesfaye Hailu

    Master of Public Health in Field Epidemiology

  45. I thank united nations this apportunity

  46. No comments

  47. Nelson Kwame Livingston

    Am a young man of thirty seven years(37) years and a Ghanaian. I would like to further studies in environmental science for PhD. I have fourteen years track records in sustainable community development projects and nature conservation, I have participated in many works at United Nation sites interacting, coordination and collaborating with schools and colleges on varies workshops.

  48. Anesu Zinah Mudzamiri

    I would like to persue a masters degree, I have an honors degree in psychology .thank you for the opportunity in developing countries

    • Suis totalement intéressé et disponible, suis Congolais de la RDC, mais je réside dans le camp de réfuge à Zambie (solwezi meheba) i will be appreciated.

  49. Wanted a master degree in physiotherapy

  50. I will be greatful when my application will be considered positively.

  51. Marier Daniel Atem Malek

    I would like to do Masters of Education Psychology.

  52. I woulk like to request a scholarship of master degree in canada

  53. This site is very important fir students who need the program

  54. I would appreciate if i the opportunities to study for further education.

  55. I would appreciate if i get the opportunity to study and improve my skills so as i can contribute to my family and society at large

  56. Abdihakin shekahmed umar

    Aqon la aani waa iftiin la aan waa aq iyo ilays la aan

  57. Diaby Aboubacar sidick

    This University is my dream University.

  58. I would like to applied four that Schoolaoshep

  59. Emmanuel obaikol Enyonu

    I will be grateful for an offer

  60. Tewodros Gebregeorgis Baraki

    I need to apply for masters degree

  61. The Courses are just amazing, It would be a pleasure if I happen to get that Opportunity.

  62. I am called moulid aftin Hassan. I am somali boy , living in Kenya as refugee.and am 24 years old . finished my high school in 2019 .am very much interested to join your University.for scholarship so and I can’t afford.tp pay for my self.and I could to continue my studies.
    I would highly appreciate if you consider me
    Thank you faithful.
    Moulid aftin Hassan

  63. Je cherche du travail au sein de votre entreprise ca me fera beaucoup de plaisir d’avoir du travail

  64. Thank to UN for bold decision.
    I am South Sudanese with South Sudan Certificate of Secondary Education.
    I’m interesting to apply but first let me know my eligibility.
    Thank you.

  65. Mawut Daniel Dau

    I am interesting in studying (MSC) Master of Science in Epidemiology. If this generous scholarship is true!!!

  66. Am blessed to have a chance. I want to add on my papers and if am granted I will be 💯 interested in the offer of 2021.

  67. It is good chance for us to learn and get PhD. My choice is to get PhD in Accounting and Finance, or Master of Business Administration – concentration area Accounting. So, how can I apply free of any payment?

  68. Looking for PhD opportunities.

  69. Please contact me as soon as possible

  70. Good morning every body. This a nice opportunity to some of us who can’t afford to study Masters. Now am happy that studying is becoming simple.

  71. Moustapha oumarou Oumara

    Sa sera un honneur pour moi de travailler avec cette organisation.

    • Moustapha oumarou Oumara

      Travailler avec cette institution est l’un des mes souhaits le grandiose.
      J’ai beau cherché à joindre cette organisation depuis longtemps.

    • Hello there my name is Girum Birhane I am from Ethiopia, i was studying Civics and Ethical studies at Kotebe Metropolitan university in Addis Ababa ,with 3.47GP ….so I need scholarship please with my respect.
      I would highly appreciate if you consider me
      Thank you faithful.
      Girum Birhane Gebreegziabher

  72. I wiil ne happy if l will get the chance to studd Masters degree

  73. Ejiamike Ifeoma Martha

    Good morning sir/ma. Please I will like to know if there is any scholarships for nursing . I have already completed my RN and undergoing a Midwifery program.

    I will love to study more about how to support my community in reducing the high rate of maternal morbidity and infant mortality rate in Nigeria.

    Thank you.. hoping to hear from you soon.

  74. Soumaiiyah kwizera

    Am interested/0785703930 Bcs from Rwanda

  75. please tell me your requirement for the doctoral degree

  76. I am from Africa-Ethiopia and have Masters Degree in Educational Mgt. Now I want to join the PHD program in abroad to study in project Mgt. with fully funded scholar ships. please give me the opportunity

  77. Ahmed Osman Abdi

    My field study is to study public Administration and international relations other field that I interested was the subjects that related good governance tools and sustainable environment


    • Goodmorning my name is MBAMA I am 18 years old I am congolese I want study to chycago I want do médecine please help me my phone nimber is +242067035067

  79. Alex Olushola Akinlabi


    • My name is Kiir Monyjok Chol Kun
      I’m from South Sudan
      Living in juba capital city of South Sudan
      My address: Hai referendum near to 107.
      Telphone number +211914257501/+211929122287
      I completed my bachelor degree of computer science here in South Sudan
      Name of University: Starford International Univesity college
      Am very interesting to go an study there in United Nations university, if I funded the fullscholarships.

  80. Application process

  81. This could be my chance to add value to the world by attaining this scholarship

  82. Helloo my name is Bayisa Geremu. From Ethiopia. This is a good chance for developing country students. So am very interest if I get this chance. Please help me.

  83. Je souhaite avoir un travail dans votre entreprise

  84. I will like to study Economics to the PhD level.

  85. Am ssebaale lsmael from Uganda am 47years am interested to study I find mechanics, am a driver kindly help me to find out the application forms to apply

  86. Phd on business management

  87. Want to do a course in Health sector.

  88. I have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture.
    Want to study Environment Health.

  89. J’aimerais avoir un travail au sein de votre entreprise

  90. I want to study phd

  91. Am interested

  92. I am graduated MSc in Animal genetics and Breeding in Bahir dar university, Ethiopia. So I am went to join PhD in your institution. So how to apply?

  93. Good morning my is abdulkarim umar from nigeria kano states dala local government am back to libya 2019 so the United nations l needs to help me to school an something so the United nations promises to me give me capital and health but we never give me but l call office in nigeria abuja every day say l call you back but no one to call me
    am something my document long time so please help me

  94. Bonjour Madame Monsieur,

    Je suis vraiment intéressé par votre offre.


  95. Master degree in environmental health

  96. Mukhtar Hassan Ali

    My name is mukhtar Hassan Ali I like to get advantage of this opportunities cause iam Somali live in Mogadishu original from Somali minority people jareer

  97. Am very interested to join the scholarship

  98. I am interested in the BSc program

  99. I’m interested, but I’m a Liberian, lives in Liberia also a graduate of the University of Liberia.
    I will really love to be one of your students.

  100. John Achiek De'Mabior Ajak

    Thanks for the opportunity, I am willing to Join your masters program as soon as you allow me to take this golden opportunity from Japan Scholarship.
    Please allow me

    • Am Collins from Nigeria so I will love to build my educational background not only for myself but for my family so I will love get this opportunity

  101. Ahmed Mohamed Shire

    I would like to apply master degree, because am one of developing countries and am sure to fullfil all the requirements.

  102. I can’t pay tuition fee I need to help me

  103. Sedekie Lusani Kromah

    I am a Liberian student wishing to attend the United Nations University to acquire a MBA in Demography.


  105. Mengistu tsegaye lema

    I need a PhD

    • My aim is this world is to become a petrochemical engineer. With that I can help my country not only my country but the entire world in teams of petroleum

  106. I would appreciate been offered the scholarship. Am an Environmental health technologist and would love to apply for public health or epidemiology

  107. this is a good idea and i am intresting to learn in menyion country

  108. Namutebi kakungulu lydia

    Ihold bachelor,s degree in nursing science iwould like to pursue masters in public health or masters in critical care nursing

  109. Am in need of this scholarship

  110. Amanuel Ghebrehiwet

    I want to learn Business coarses

  111. As we’re still waiting for the reply we thank you
    for giving us that chance for applying that scholarship.

  112. I would be honoured to attain a scholarship and pursue a Masters in Agriculture.

  113. i am happy if i get chance
    my phone number is +251939254088

  114. Jacques Fulton Ntezimana


  115. I want you to provide me some application template !

  116. Halo sir/ madam I request to know if our country Kenya is one of the countries in your list, I’m interested to be considered

  117. I thank God for this opportunity

  118. I am a final year student of the Kwame Nkrumah university of Science and Technology offering Bachelor of science in Agriculture, I am a very well performing student who will like to immediately continue with my masters forthwith. I have found your scholarship scheme as a renowned and profound type that can assist me in that regard

  119. I want to confirm whether you have PHD in public health in your University

  120. This perfect.

  121. Mohammed Abdulrasheed Adam

    Dear team!
    I like to Be a part of this program, it my greatest dream to study abroad.

  122. Can u please provide me with details regarding your scholarships program? I’m highly interested.

  123. I am a an employee of The Gambia National Radio and Television Services. I have 11 years working experience in various domains if broadcasting.

  124. Philemon kipngetich

    I highly need the scholarship to further my education


    I graduated from group CSI Pole Polytechnic Abidjan with a masters degree in oil and gas activities, and I want to do a PhD in environmental risks or a masters degree in quality, health, safety and environmental risks. So I need a scholarship.

  126. Réceptionniste hôtel
    Bac D

  127. Salut, je suis konhon innocent, réfugié libérien vivant en côte d’ivoire. J’ai obtenu mon baccalauréat de la session 2019-2019 cependant, je ne peux plus continuer mes études supérieures vu que je suis étranger . En effet les frais universitaire sont trop élevé pour moi

  128. Thadeus Mirumbi Onyancha

    requesting for full scholarship in community development and social work graduate level

  129. I’m a South Sudanese wishing to join the above-mentioned position in the field of science

  130. I will thank the above-mentioned body for it’s fairly help

  131. Je suis Nelson NGOLI, je suis intéressé par cette bourse j’avais eu le baccalauréat en 2019 présentement je suis en première année de licence en sciences médicales j’aimerais par le biais de votre aide pour continuer mes études au Canada.

  132. Show me more details about this scholarship I have bachelor degree

  133. I’m refugee and I don’t have parent. I’m grade twelve (12) and don’t have school because no body fund me in my school fee

  134. Wishing to benefit

  135. Teklu Gebretsadik

    I hope

  136. I will grateful to receive a positive response from you.

  137. Millicent Dzifa Dogbey

    Am ready to the program. I have read through and think it beneficial

  138. Limbu Magelela MASUKE

    I’m real interested with the program and I’m eager to obtain the chance, but how can I access the chance?

  139. The university is every standard and I like it to be one of the best university and will be my university to study there.

  140. Ilake Lauren

  141. I am very interested in scholarship in project management I have Bsc in construction technology and management

  142. Hi dear, i am Amare Amsalu from Ethiopia in East Africa. I have BSc degree in Natural resource management and MSc degree in sustainable natural resource management. I have great initiation to pursue my PhD degree by climate change adaptation and mitigation in your university. Thank you!!!

  143. Can I be able to do any job

  144. Bah THIERNO Mamadou

    Je suis intéressé à cette offre

  145. It’s My Great Wish to apply here So,please respond to me the necessary requirements which I can apply on by my email address I registered in.

  146. Zerihun Balemi Tufa

    Msc. In Agriculture or related fields.

  147. Zerihun Balemi Tufa

    I want to study msc. in any field of agriculture because here in my country more than 85% of my peoples are farmer. For that matter I want to support my people in modern agriculture system. If you support me accept my application I am ready to study in any of the University that accepts me. Thak you!!!

  148. I am grateful for this opportunity granted me.

  149. I would like to apply but I can not find my way to the application form

  150. Alusine Tommy Kargbo

    I’ll like to study Biostatistics and Health informatics. I hold a Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours.

  151. Interested in the Peace and Security studies

  152. I ‘ m very happy to be here, and will be happy to pursue a master degree if giving the opportunity.
    Looking forward hearing from you soon.

  153. I am graduated by management information system and i am interested to continue my further studies by MSC program.

  154. Isata Musu Hardimg

    I am interested

  155. Am very interested on this scholarship.

  156. Ilyas mohamed osman

    I am student and i life Djibouti

  157. I am interested learn master’s programme how to apply this scholarships

  158. I would like to know if you offer WASH program?

  159. i am interested MSc programme in project management contact me phone number +251933957845

  160. Zebedee N. Yeedeh

    How does a deserving student apply for a masters program?

  161. I would like to enrol for this course so that can enable my self broaden my skills and understand properly on the things happening around the globe and share the knowledge and experience to under privilege.

  162. I am interested

  163. My name is lalisa dumesa and I’m live in Ethiopia. I’m graduated by applied biology and I got first degree by applied biology. I’ m pleasuret to inform If wii get scholarship from your country

  164. Am interest to join your education programs

  165. I want to apply for msc in project managment

    • Hello, My name is Anthony Kolubah from Liberia. I’m a graduate from Cuttington University. I hold a master in Business Administration in Economics. I have an interest to obtain second master in Economics if I will be granted with such opportunity. My accumulated GPA is 3.027 obtained from Cuttington University School of Graduate & Professional Studies. I wish to apply for full wave scholarship. Sir, our country is facing serious economic downswing. Currently, Liberia need Economists that will build her economic growth such, trade policy, Direct investment, Foreign and domestic policies looking at import and export development that will economic return.

  166. I really need to obtain this opportunity…I will be greaftul knowing iam coming to study there

  167. My name is Birhanu Wogane from Ethiopia. I was born on april 19,1995. I graduated from Assosa University health science college in nursing department and now i’m an assistant lecture in Assosa University. I want to learn my masters in adult health nursing.

  168. Deboshi Takele Tolessa

    I want to join Gis and Natural resource management department ; if you invite me. Please help me.
    Thanks in advance!

  169. Am intrested in studying

  170. Dargie Alemie kubie

    I am General practionair (MD) and I am interested to upgrade my specialty on orthopedics surgeon .From Ethiopia.

  171. Good morning United Nations I am Field Mukupa from Lusaka Zambia one of the developing nations of the world and I have the passion to transform my country and other developing nations .with knowledge and experience from United States of America I will be able to do a lot .kindly help me to study in USA this is my phone number +260977604662 or +260955631157

  172. Adedoyin Aderemi

    The link for application for Masters degree on scholarship as advertised can’t be found. Thanks.

  173. Ayele Gebremariam

    My name is Ayele Gebremariam frm Ethiopia .I Bachelor of Science ( Bsc) Degree in Animal Science .I woluld like To Study Master of Science .

  174. Magai majak monydit

    I am a graduate of Environmental studies and interested to master environmental science.

  175. Fathi ahmednur abdulahi

    Personal statement BSc
    Dear Sir/Madam: I’m writing to express my interest in your partial scholarship of MBA in which your esteemed BSc programmes from the University of London, with academic direction by the London School of Economics and Political Science.had advertised. I have Skills and experience in project designing, implementation, monitoring, review and evaluation, while much of my experience has been in socio-economic strengthen in the areas officer and also establishes cooperatives in order to ensure the economics strengthening of community in Animal production researcher.( Godey Pastoral and Agro-pastoral Research Centre) GoPARC Ethiopian Somali pastoral and agro-pastoral research institute experience of managing teams, budgeting,
    programming and of integrating gender and I have 6years of Experience in the field business of cooperative managing system and my awareness and the knowledge would enable me to have the practical experience, among which 6years of them., I was working as Expert of conducting junior researcher work at different levels in the research institute since September, 2012
    I am very interest to apply this opportunity because I well positioned to apply this position and make an immediate positive impression. My key areas of expertise include business management process. I will certified copy of the academic transcript for all tertiary qualifications and the grading schedule for each qualification, honestly accountability and transparency candidates the scholarship activities at all level starting from studies to the field level, Intelligibility conducting effective
    I have a proven track record of responsibility, integrity and commitment to organizational objectives. I am comfortable of candidates the scholarship independently or as part of a team, and I confidently certified true prepare and immediately bring all illegible document which must conditions the .U.K and University of London. Believe that your needs and my skills are an excellent match. In addition to all of this I possess impeccable personal and work references which I have attached below.
    I accept University of London scholarship conditions and declaration and i have all document letter which i am preparing as soon as possible

    I confirm and declare that:
    I am not aware of any medical, personal or other circumstances (e.g. Disability, illness, family or financial matters), which might prevent me from completing my study within the scholarship term;
    I agree to the release of information in this application form and information relating to the scholarship or study to relevant authorities, in accordance with the .U.K and University of London, to enable placement in an education institution, consideration for a scholarship, collection of academic progress reports and results, and the ongoing administration and monitoring of the scholarship; I declare that the information provided about and by me in this application for . University of London. Scholarship award is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.
    I acknowledge that all of my assistance staffs U.K and University of London specially who dedicated, effectively and effort consider my application.
    I know that supplying false or misleading information is a serious offence under the University of London
    Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.
    Mr fathi ahmednur abdulahi
    Jijtga Ethiopa
    tele. +251915191564/+251915095772

    • I am Mary Donya and is interested to benfit from this program. I woul like to study Master in Socila Work And Socila Administration

  176. I am very intersted to learn Masters in health since. I am from ethiopia.i have BA deegre in health service mangement

  177. interest united nations universitt scholarships
    Graduation bacholer degree development studias
    interest master public Administaration pleace Appliad

  178. Good morning United Nations I am Field Mukupa from Gulu Uganda East Africa one of the developing nations of the world and I have the passion to transform my country and other developing nations .with knowledge and experience from United States of America I will be able to do a lot .kindly help me to study in your University and transform my people’s lives since we had been in war for more than two decades by Joseph Kony

  179. Good i am interested in Masters in Economics

    • Milkawa Ibrahim

      Iam interested to master electrical power engineering. Iam Bsc electrical engineering from Ethiopia. Iam very interested to learn United nations.

    • I have first degree in Bsc Midwifery. I am interested to continue further study by Msc health science

  180. Zacharia Agany Mading

    Good morning United Nations I completed Secondary School at Jashou Okuachi High School and Iam unable to join University because my Country has gone into war since December 15/2012 update till country has went into many difficulties.

  181. Siere innocent junior

    I am a Nigerian I am interested in m.tech electrical engineering

  182. Getachew Demissie/ Ethiopia, Oromiya, Shashemene

    My name is Getachew Demissie. I am 28 years old. I am from Ethiopia, Oromia, Shashemene. I am graduate student in Environmental Health Science from Hawassa University college of medical and comprehensive specialized Hospital 2018 G.C. so I would like to follow my MSC by Epidemiology or Environmental health science by this your golden chance

    +251 983824578

  183. Riek Tut Gatluak

    I Riek Tut Gatluak, am south Sudanese living in Addis Ababa, also completed seconsary school looking for scholarships as international students for any fields of studies.


    It’s a very good opportunity.Because, most Africans,speciay we Ethiopians have a serious financial problem to continue our post graduate programs or studies.

  185. Dear sir/Madam;
    Having read on Facebook page for BSC program scholarship for international students which I indeed interested to study in Australia for animals production. I am a Liberian by nationality and a fatherless child seeking for education opportunity. I am a high school graduate with Diploma and west African examination council ( WAEC) certificate and a senior student at the University of Liberia presently. for any information I can be reached by email diegorsaye@gmail.com or Whatsapp number +231886498102

  186. Ferdinand MANIRABARUTA

    Am Burundian of 30yrs old,I am very interested and I WISH TO CONTINUE WITH MASTERS DEGREE IN NURSING

  187. Am really interested please!

  188. Dears,
    I am Girmay and from Ethiopia, I appriciate your supporting developing countries in all round.So I wish to join your program of PHD in leadership,because I have masters of leadership and governance.

  189. Shadreck Hantenda

    Iam a student in zambia doing dental therapy diploma in my second year if being given the opportunity I would like to further my studies on another level . I have both of my parents but they are not financially stable to be able to sponsor me for the next level of my education.

  190. I am Jackson IRADUKUNDA from Rwanda as a developing country anyway I would like to get an opportunity of getting a full founded scholarship as am interested in bachelor degree.

  191. Iam interested in primary education of which lam already a diploma holder l need to be upgraded to a degree level lam from zambia

  192. I am Titus Porkpah from Liberia, I want to pursue high education in civil engineering


    How to apply?

  194. My name is biruk Solomon .i was a 2018 graduate of public health in Ethiopia, now interested on master of public health.

  195. Am Nabaasa yusufu from Uganda am interested to do master since I have degree in population studies from makerere University

  196. I am interested in the PhD program to equip me with the necessary skills

  197. I am interested in the msc program to equip me with the necessary information or skill

  198. I’m interested in accounting and finance

  199. Nisingizwe raymond

    Yeah! I am interested in Bsc in industrial engineering due to my country unskilled labour and lack of them

  200. I would like to continue msc programme in veterinary public health or veterinary epidmology

  201. I wish to continue with my academic world while acquiring a masters degree in project management buy had not yet gotten a chance due to financial constraints and this scholarship gives energy to further my academic experience as to expand my knowledge in project management due to the contribution I intend to make through extending services to the vulnerable and disadvantaged world in a bid to start an NGO.

  202. Suis Pascal matenga Guy, originaire de la RDC précisément à l’Est. Pour le moment je réside à Zambie dans le camp de réfuge (solwezi meheba) je suis totalement intéressé pour cette scholarship.

  203. I am interested in the PhD in Public Health , Epidemiology, reproductive Health, or Health research program to equip me with the necessary skills, thereby overcome health related problem of Sub-Saharan African countries.

  204. I will interested learning Masters program in Marketing from your University

  205. Andrea maluak maluk

    Am very happy to be accepted in united nations university 2020_2021


    Hello, I’m NYACHWO MAGDALINE from Uganda East Africa. I hold a diploma in nursing and I would like to further my studies if given a chance of a scholarship. Thanks

  207. It’s with great pleasure that I write this message to your respective administration….I’m a young gentleman we who completed his bachelor degree in Ethiopia, Department of Early Childhood care and Education.. am looking for Scholarship… your response will be highly appreciated… thank

  208. My interest is on Bachelor program in Peace and Conflict Studies or Law

  209. My interest of study is foreign relations and diplomacy bachelor

  210. Kuok Wakow Duang

    I am interesting to join your education program.

  211. Malueth Kuol kuot

    Dear sir/madam
    With reference to the announcement you made on public media am interested to join your university
    am Malueth Kuol Kuot ,south Sudanese with Diploma of nursing, and and I want to spcializer on public health/health promotion
    Your acception will be highly appreciated.
    Regard …………..

  212. I’m Mohammed ks kamara
    From Liberia
    I will like to get a scholarship that will help me continue my studies

  213. Milkias Yishak Debena

    Please select me for this program,I want master in Electrical engineering.

  214. I’mLalisa Fikadu I have masters degree in manufacturing engineering I need phd scholarship.

  215. Jesus marie Bizimana

    Many thanks to the UN me i want to apply a MSc in nursing science

  216. Hello my name is Girum Birhane I am from Ethiopia, i was studying Civics and Ethical studies at Kotebe Metropolitan university in Addis Ababa ,with 3.47GP ….so I need scholarship please with my respect.
    I would highly appreciate if you consider me
    Thank you faithful.
    Girum Birhane Gebreegziabher

  217. Hello my name is Girum Birhane I am from Ethiopia, i was study Civics and Ethical studies at Kotebe Metropolitan university in Addis Ababa ,with 3.47GP ….so I need scholarship please with my respect.
    I would highly appreciate if you consider me
    Thank you faithful.
    Girum Birhane Gebreegziabher

  218. I am hayat ahmed and i am from ethiopia . I have first degree in public health .i need this chance to continue my masters degree in public health nutrition since it is one of the biggest issues in my country .

  219. Ashenafi Gmeskel

    My name is Ashenafi Gebremeskel Fitwi from Ethiopian country of tigray region. Know i am refugee and i am in Sudan Altenedbah refugees cump. I have BA Degree in Business field in Accounting department with 2 years 6 mounth and above. So if you are assist by financially i wanna to one of your students of scholarship.

  220. my name is Nagessa Besaye from Ethiopia.I have BSC degree in Electrical and computer engineering and I was graduated from wollega university in February 2021. email = nagessobesaye@gmail.com

  221. I wanna study safety and security management

  222. Je suis en RDC j’ai un diplome D’etat en TECHNIQUE SICIALE

  223. i am Mesfin Assefa from Ethiopia ,i have Bsc degree in civil engineering,i want to study my master programme in project managment,contact number +251933957845,

  224. My name is Dejene Fufeta lelisa from Ethiopia and I want to study MA in management ,please help me.

  225. So impressive
    My name is Taban John and I’m a refugee in Uganda (East Africa) from Bidibidi settlement
    Really so interested in doing Bsc in Economics and statistics
    Please help me +256783275295

  226. Am Bagonza Steven completed a diploma in clinical medicine looking for tutional assistance to go for abachalors degree in medicine and surgery.
    Hope I can get an opportunity here

  227. Am Benjamin k G Smith and native of Ghana Africa am young boy of 27years old . I have first degree in mechanical engineering at kwame Nkrumah university of science and technology with second class upper in 2019 .am very much interested to join your University for scholarship so that I can do my master’s program.I can’t afford.to pay for my self because am jobless.
    I would highly appreciate if you consider me
    Thank you faithful.

  228. Freeman Eddie Mulbah

    I’m a High School Graduate, with diploma and WAEC certifice.
    I need a scholarship or fanical aid to continue my Education please. I have no Dad, and my Mom don’t have fanice to go Forder with my education. Please 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  229. I have interested

    • Martin Gruyarloe

      I’m a high school graduate and I’m very interested in this opportunity to do my study internationally

  230. i am solomon dejene from Ethiopia,I have BA degree in Public financial management I want to study my master programme in Acounting and finance contact number +251918780243

  231. I’m interested.

  232. I would like to get full scholarships in USA with Automotive engineering department

  233. Am with a Diproma in Accounting, Bachellor of Accounting and Finance. Now am looking for schoolorship, mastes in Sales and Marketing

  234. Helloo my name is sherif yusuf From Ethiopia. This is a good chance for developing country students. So am very interest if I get this chance. Please help me.

  235. I need to persue a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Hospitality management


    I am a ugandan by nationality.I would really like to get a scholarship from the United Nation University scholarship basing on my qualifications of which i have Uganda certificate of education, certificate in public health, diploma in environmental health.

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