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University of Chicago Scholarship for International Students 2021 Updated

Founded in the year 1890, the University of Chicago is a private research university in Chicago, Illinois. It holds top positions in various national and international rankings. The university is made of the undergraduate college as well as various graduate programs and interdisciplinary committees organized into five academic research divisions.

University of Chicago has set aside $35 million for international financial aid, and it has strengthened the University’s commitment to enrolling a diverse and talented student body from around the world. The financial aid awards are based on an estimate of the full costs of enrolling at the University of Chicago, including tuition, housing, health insurance, a meal plan, and estimates for additional costs like books and personal expenses.




International students are eligible for financial aid only if they apply for funding during the admissions process, and will not be eligible for financial aid after receiving their admissions decision or during their four years in the College. If you think you will need financial aid at any point during your four years at UChicago, you should apply for financial aid when you apply for admission.




1.The International Financial Aid Worksheet, available in the UChicago Account

2. Supporting Documentation


The International Financial Aid Worksheet

The International Student Financial Aid Worksheet should be filled out and submitted online, through a student’s UChicago Account. Please note that this is the only form available for non-US citizens and non-US permanent residents applying for financial aid at UChicago.



Supporting Documentation:

You will be asked to upload additional documentation that verifies your family’s income and asset information — tax forms, a statement from an employer, a bank statement, or another form of documentation.

Once the International Financial Aid Worksheet has been submitted, students can also submit these supporting documents, as well as any explanation for unusual circumstances, online through their UChicago Account. Under the Upload Materials section, choose the “Foreign Aid Application Supporting Docs” option from the drop-down menu.

Submission Deadline: February 15th, 2021



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  1. How do I get that chance? I want to get in master of mathematics subject. I live in Ethiopia Oromia region.


      How can I apply, I’m very interested and I want to apply for a licence in english studies

      • Chamunorwa Wadyewata

        I need to do a management programme at masters level .My postal address is 87badza street zengeza one chitungwiza. I obtained the best student award in management research and psychology

    • My name tewodros zeleke from ethiopia.i have interest to learn in soil and water conservation.i have Bsc degree in crop production.if possible i would like to learn Msc

      • Genito Graciano Nihia

        I have 12+1 certificate formed at up University. I wish to apply for a bachelor’s scholarship

        • Mohammed Ebrahim Harseme

          My name is Mohammed Ebrahim,from Ethiopia I have Bsc degree in public health,I have interest to learn Msc in RH.

    • Animal health

    • Genito Graciano Nihia

      I’m mozambican a and I am looking for a bachelor’s scholarship at English language

    • My name is jatani Guyo am from Ethiopian.am graduate from ambo university by school of law. I have BA degree in law.now am interesting to learn msc in human rights law if got chance

    • Je m’appelle Moutou Brizard je suis un jeune congolais du Congo Brazzaville mon rêve c’est d’étudier les énergies renouvelables pour pouvoir sauvé notre belle planète qui subie tout ses aléa climatique voilà pourquoi je vous écris pour solliciter votre aide et une orientation je veux être parmi les jeunes qui peuvent sauvé notre planète

    • My name is edao guye am from Ethiopian .am graduate from madawakabu University by accounting and finance I have BA degree in accounting and finance. If I got chance ,I want to learn mcs by accounting and finance.

    • my name is Emmanuel Gorgbahn I,m a high school Graduate I want to continue my study

  2. my name is alembju assefa I am this year graduate in Finance & Accounting with GPA 2.93 ,and also I am Graduate In Computer science from Jimma University but I want to continue with MSC In Computer Engineering if it is possible,Unless otherwise I Ma ready to continue with MSC IN Accounting in Financial & administration related field.thank you

  3. my name is alembju assefa I am this year graduate in Finance & Accounting with GPA 2.93 ,and also I am Graduate In Computer science

  4. thank you!!

  5. I would like to be offered a scholarship to higher my studies because I believe the education there is better than in Kenya

    • My Name is Ahmed Areb and I am from Ethiopia Graduated from Debre Birhan University by Electrical Engineering with CGPA 3.01. I am interested to study Msc on Electrical communication Engineering please support me

  6. J’ai apprécié

  7. Thanks I hope that I wiil get this scholarship
    from somalia

  8. My name is Abdelrazakh, i’m a bachelor, i love studying so much and it’s my dream to go and continue with you.

  9. Yeah i want scholarship to learn softwere enginering please give me chance
    I hope accepting my request

  10. Jones K. Garbla

    I am Jones K. Garbla from Liberia West Africa.
    I’m 25 years old. I’ve a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.
    I graduated from the St. Paul’s College Seminary in June, 2019.
    I’m looking for way/means to further my education.
    I’ll be grateful if I am consider for the scholarship.

  11. My name is Bile Nhial Dak from Africa South Sudan .
    I am undergradute who is willingly want to university level likrlike University of Chicago.

  12. Bonjour !
    Je suis Gamou Cécé Émile , détenteur d’un diplôme de Docteur d’ETAt en pharmacie résidant en Guinée .
    J’ai besoin d’une bourse d’étude pour le Master en santé publique.

  13. My name is Varfley m. Kromah I’m from Liberia I have a BBA degree in management and economics and I want to obtain a master in management and economics.If I get this scholarship I will be grateful to God.

    • Moi ce mossa je suis orphelin de père j’habite au Niger j’ai besoin de cette bourse pour aller étudier la gestion des projets à Chicago, il est reconnu pour sa bonne formation en éducation . je suis sur que j’aurai une meilleure formation . ainsi je pourrai atteindre mon objectif qui est de réduire le taux de chômage en créant plusieurs entreprises. Si vous accepter mon bourse je vous serai éternellement reconnaissant.

      • Amanuel abraham heramo

        My name is amanuel abraham from ethiopia. Am 24 years old. I graduated in dire dawa university with chemical engineering having GPA 3.63 BSC degreeand also i continue MSC degree from your program

  14. I like learn in Chicago ,i need personne knowdge i am very intéresse to fromc in Chicago .

  15. kezumukama Noëlla

    I want get more information !!

  16. How can I get this opportunity. I am interested in studying masters but am financially unable. I have CGPA of 4.30 in public health
    Please could you elaborate more.

  17. kidanemariam gebrecherkos

    Dear, sir/madam,
    How are you? How is doing? My name is kidanemariam gebrecherkos working in eritrean refugee camp, tigray, northern ethiopia. This is to inform you that I need/like scholarship strongly to continue further higher education for PhD level in public health professional. I have BSc degree in nurse and master of public health (MPH) from higher education (university) with good performance and experience. I have work experience more than 13 years in different governmental and non governmental agencies.

  18. My name is Dinku Fikre..I have BA &MBA degree from recognized Governmental Univercities at Hawasa and Addis Abeba respectively …I would like to learn Phd program in your University if I get an opportunity

  19. I have BSc. in Applied Mathematics and 3years experience in teaching. contact me on 0928646686. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  20. Applied Mathematics(BSc.) from Jimma University and now with 3 years experience in teaching. contact me on 0928646686 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    • My name is wondimu ashamo … l have BSc with CGPA 3.64 and MSC CGPA with 3.69 by rural development from Ambo and Jimma University. Know I will continue My PHD with the same department if I will get the chance.

  21. Anyijor John Gum Ruben.

    With regards, I’m very much interested in the scholarship for the masters programs.

  22. My name is melese tarekegn I live in Ethiopia and I studying master of financial accounting from debretabor university

  23. Hello am happy to meet you and I have a hoop to this chance……
    And am graduate my bachelor degree by mechanical engineering form dilla University which located in South of Ethiopia with distinction means 3.36 CGPA

  24. Yalew wudu salle

    I’m interested

    • . Dear Sir/madam. Let me introduce my self as a postive and self-motivated individual who will going to join your program in chicago. My full name is Amanuel Abraham Heramo. I was graduated from dire dawa university with a CPGA of 3.63 on March 4, 2021G.C with B.SC degree in the field of chemical engineering (process stream). Because i have a great interest in your program.

  25. It is very nice if gateway of learning ms in solid-state physics

  26. Nizigiyimana Olivier

    I’m interested for this University

  27. Sebit Kuol Dhol

    I have interest to study my BSC in Chicago if given a chance to study there.

  28. I am very interested learning in usa

    • My name is Gemeda Bencha and I’m from Ethiopian ( Oromia) .I have bachelor degree in Midwifery. Now I wanted to learn mcs in reproductive health and I’m fully interested to join USA scholarships.
      Email: nanexgemeda16@gmail.com no

  29. I Live in Ethiopian

  30. My Name is Hassen Mohammed Hassen Iam every interesting to learn international University

  31. My name is Iwant schooler ship. Contact me +967734308025

  32. i am very interested to get this chance and how can i apply

  33. Eyoatam Berhanu

    I want to study PhD program

  34. This is very nice of you and I’m really interested.Thank you a million.

  35. Hey in the first place I will like to thank God for giving me this chance and also like to thank the owner of this university of chicago.
    Am really interested in this scholarship fully funded and I wish you would accept me please.
    I want to study in city 🌆 like USA and like to give my number whatsapp please is +211922286123
    Please let God be with you and me too please contact me the same number whatsapp please.thank
    By benini kenyi thomas

  36. J’aimerais aller à cette université pour continuer mes études

  37. I’m interested in studying criminal justice administration

  38. Haima cosmas bura

    sorry please help me to know meaning of the word full funded scholarship is it studyind without paying any cost or

  39. I want to study Msc or master program and Have Bachelor degree on Statistics

    • My name isAbdulhamid hussen jemal i m 2011geraguated student in GOvernace and devlopment staudy with GpA 2.61 and also i m geraguated in jimma university but i weant to continue with MA in international low if it is possible unless or other wise i m ready to continiue with MA in international low

  40. My name is Emmanuel Beneth from South Sudan am interested in the scholarship program.

  41. Abdourahmane diallo

    I’m very interested to go to USA to study economics sciences

  42. Interested in studying Public policy and management.

  43. If God helps I want to Study master program and have Bachelor degree on Statistics from Hawassa Unversity main campus

  44. Mideksa, Andualem Tesfaye

    I am Mideksa, Andualem Tesfaye from Ethiopia, eastern Africa.
    I’ve a Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering
    I’m graduated from Bahir Dar University in June, 2017.
    I’m looking for further my education and
    I’ll be grateful if I am consider for the scholarship.

  45. Am interested in Bsc course

  46. Am interested in Bsc in Sociology

  47. GNEGNE Salamata

    Bonjour à tous. Merci à vous pour cette opportunité qui nous est offerte, c’est une belle initiative. Moi particulièrement,je suis intéressée. Je réponds au nom de Salamata GNEGNE,je suis étudiante en fin de cycle, Licence en marketing et gestion commerciale. J’ai 25 ans,je suis du Burkina Faso. J’aimerai poursuivre mes études en Master,une fois sélectionnée. Merci de me donner cette chance de pouvoir réaliser mon rêve et atteindre les objectifs. Bonne chance à tous 😘

  48. I whan to join

    • Demelash Fetene Peska

      I am Demelash fetene from Ethiopia, i graduated from Hawasa university. I am civil enginier. I hope u invite me to upgrade my knowlage.

      • My name is Daniel Ayana I am graduated from Ambo University the department of Computer Science I am very interested

  49. I want to leaning finacial management

  50. I do have BSc in civil engineering and interested in Project Management (MSc)

  51. I have completed first degree in natural resource management with cgpa 3.15 from Dilla University, Ethiopia i kindly apply for your fully funded scholarship. Please, add me additional info @ my Email address under attached here.

  52. Knowledge is the key of the whole world and I would like to study in order to be on top position

  53. my Name is Biratu Gemta sukessa from Ethiopia, eastern Africa.
    I’ve a Bachelor of Social in accounting
    I’m graduated from Rifty valley University in Janaury, 2014.
    I’m looking for further my education and
    I’ll be grateful if I am consider for the scholarship

  54. Je suis intéressé de la bourse aux États-Unis pour poursuivre mes étude

  55. I am interested to learn Msc in economocs if I got the chance. I have BA degree in Busoness Managememt.

    • Abdulmuhsin musa sahban

      My name is sahban abdulmuhsin from Nigeria 🇳🇬, please how can I apply for the scholarship, to study to law in Chicago university

  56. I have BA degree in Business Mamagement. Now l’m interested to learn Msc in Economics if I got the chance.

  57. I’m from Ethiopia my name is Habtamu Nadew. I am very interested in studying PhD in English language. I have MA in English language and I want to proceed in the same field, but Iso if it is possible to you, I need your genuine support. Thank you!

  58. I am interested undertaking this opportunity if given chance, It has always been my dreams to further my studies but couldn’t get the chance.I have been graduated from Kenya college of commerce and hospitality with diploma in disaster management & bachelor of procurement and logistic management from Nsaka university. I would therefore feel privileged if given chance to pursue master of procurement and logistics management.
    Thank in advance.

    • Solomon abebe heramo

      I am solomon abebe from Ethiopia…I have Bsc in economics I want to learn my Msc in development economics please give these opportunity for me…thank you

  59. Hello I am student .
    I want learn technology and computer science.

  60. Is good chance if i got it i want to be environmentalist

  61. Solomon abebe heramo

    I am solomon abebe from Ethiopia…I have Bsc in economics I want to learn my Msc in development economics please give these opportunity for me…thank you

  62. My name is Aschalew Adisu geta firstly degree in account and finance I will get master degree in development economics.

  63. If you interested contact me with whasup number +251948306069

  64. Hello!!! My name is Salume GUEBRE i Can from Burkina west Africa.I’m a new Bachelor and study in Products and animal health.I dream to continue in our université.

  65. Am J David Kolee from liberia an undergraduate and wish to higher my studies abroad.
    Pray your please help..

  66. gurmessa kitessa

    I have Bsc Degree in Natural Resource Management. I want to learn Msc/ MA. 0986440144

  67. Habtamu kefale Gashu

    I am Habtamu kefale from ethiopia .l have done my management degree from deberemarkos University. Now l would like to learn my Msc from your university.

  68. Nabukobero Brenda

    I would love to get a scholarship for S Master’s degree in education

  69. Nabukobero Brenda

    I would love to get a scholarship in English and literature education

  70. My name is Daniel Ayana for Ethiopians I am graduated 2021 BA degree for Ambo University I am very interested scholarship

  71. I really like university and I wish if can get the opportunity to be their l will be very greatly

  72. I like the university and I wish if you give me the opportunity to be their l will be very greatly fulll

  73. I am interested undertaking this opportunity if given chance, It has always been my dreams to further my studies but couldn’t get the chance I graduated in computer science in wollega university my name is Bedasa Fule
    Thanks you

  74. I like the university and I wish if you give me the opportunity to be their l will be very grateful

  75. Keiru Lemma yesuf

    My name is Keiru Lemma Yesuf i am fromEthiopia,age 34 sex m i graduate LLb on law,i find to attend LLm on international human right&humantarian law.

  76. BAKOUMA Richie Inès

    I’m Congolese i study at Mariën NGOUABI University i want learn immunologie ans bioinformatic

  77. Muhammed S.Touray

    I am interested to be part of it

  78. NANA sadibyèya urbain

    Je suis un étudiant en maths physique chimie informatique et j’aimerais continuer mes études dans cette université ci présent

  79. Hi.
    I am Albino Bondzela from Mozambique.
    I’d like to do degree of technology science at Chicago University as my dream.
    so I beg for your help to get the scholarship

  80. I am kidane from ethiopia. I have BSc nurse and MPH from higher institusion and now I want to continue PhD in public health if possile please contact with me ib below adress.

  81. I am interested

  82. Getahun Lendabo Helamo

    I have M.Sc on Agronomy I want to do PhD on some specified fields of Agronomy.
    Tell phone , +251913951831 /mobile/

  83. Muhammad Bathi Juluh

    Hello, dear sir / madam my name is Muhammad Bathi Juluh I’m 17 years old I’m a musclim by religion, I’m from a West Africa a country called guinee and the capital city is Conakry, I just promoted to university and I want to help to finish my educational info please admin this is really helpful to me because I am broken I would like you to assist me please please please

    From Muhammad Bathi Juluh. ..

  84. I have BSc degree in Nursing and have many years experience. Now I want to upgrade to MSc. I’m very interested

  85. Yirgalem Tibebu woldemariam

    My name is yirgalem Tibebu

  86. Gemechisa yadeta

    My name is Gemechisa Yadeta Hora from Ethiopia. I’m graduated BSc in civil engineering and MSc in physics. I have interested to learn PhD in environmental engineering and related fields

  87. My name is Mathewos Mena Make. I,m graduated Msc in Development Management in Arba Minch Ethiopia.If you gives a chances I,m too happy.

  88. My name is Dejene L. Lelisa I have BA degree in management .I want to learn MBA in management .please help me

  89. Apply

  90. Aboubacar Diallo

    Demande de bourse d’étude

  91. Automotive technology

  92. Salva Kuol Garang

    What a amazing/I will be proud alumni of University of Chicago,if I’m gonna be admitted in this great University. I’m vehemently interested in this University for mater’s degree in-international affairs.

  93. I am from Ethiopia, I have BSC degree in civil engineering o want to upgrade my education If i get the opportunity.thankyou.

  94. Chala Elemo Shule

    I need PhD scholarship

  95. Nice to join such a great University

  96. I want to attend the university.

  97. I have graduated as a bachelor of science Bsc. in Agriculture. I would be very interested if l can study Mac in natural resources management. Thanks

  98. Mohammed Ebrahim Harseme

    My name is Mohammed Ebrahim,from Ethiopia I have Bsc degree in public health,I have interest to learn Msc in RH.

    • Salut moi c’est Déo-gracias du Bénin je souhaiterais avoir aussi une bourse et étudié dans votre prestigieuse université en administration des affaires si possible. Merci de me lire et de me répondre.

  99. Tefera Haileslassie

    Information techinology

  100. My name is yimesker yimer. I have Bsc degree in mechanical engineering . I have interested in msc in automotive engineering.

  101. My name is Biel nyuot Nhial a south south Sudanese living in Kenya kakuma refugee camp for the last ten years because our country south Sudan is in war by itself upto this movement .therefore, it would be the best chance ever in my lifetime to get more international experience by pursuing masters degree in one of the best ever known country ,U.S A,.iam currently living under UNHCR care together with my family because our country is still in fire.

  102. Faith Kwalan Samuel

    My name is Faith Kwalan Samuel and I am from Adamawa state,Nigeria.
    I am currently a 16 year old final year student at Yola Model High School Adamawa state in Nigeria and I would like to study medicine for my Bachelor degree.
    Thank You.

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